Seeking to become more agile? 

We help startups, companies, organizations and educational facilities to establish a lean and agile mindset to drive user-centered, sustainable and disruptive innovations. Be it a product or a service – we share our knowledge, expertise and  and put a lot of enthusiasm into a new or existing project.


Agile Coaching

Using agile methodologies is not a silver bullet and not a guarantor for success. Every situation is different and needs to be analyzed before starting a transition journey. We base our coaching approach on the current situation of your environment and your individual goal setting, aiming for a dynamic & agile yet easy to maintain framework .

Made to measure Scaling

Already using agile methodologies but asking yourself how lean and agile can adapt to changes in the environment or to growth of a team? We help to tweak, change and make your agile framework grow accordingly to your requirements and circumstances.

Customer Creation

Do you know who your customer is? Do you think that everyone uses technology the same way you do? Do not forget: You are not your own customer. Only through research we can uncover people’s pains, needs and goals in their context. Understanding your customer will help you sharpen you idea or business model.

Agile Engineering

Sometimes it is pretty tough to keep up the pace and ensure a good quality of code in an agile & lean environment. Continuous deployment as well as conceptional changes during development require a switch of workflows and establishment of an sustainable architecture. Therefore we place an experienced agile software enthusiast directly in your team to spread the knowledge and challenge your existing workflow in a practical manner.

Prototyping & Validation

Your customers and users face different problems that consists of different components that can be tackled by different solutions. We explore and exploit different approaches for your product/service using a user-centered, iterative and rapid approach of prototyping.

Workshop Moderation

Mixed opinions, heated discussions and making decisions in a group are always  part of workshops. But still a workshop is the best way to kick off, decide on action items or just have a retrospective about the last project.  In some situations it is wise to have a neutral person accompanying a group through such a meeting. Being able to understand participant’s different point of views we moderate workshops with different purposes but always in a goal oriented and structured way.
Our Customers

10 years experience of transforming businesses with a lean, agile and empathetic mind.

We are a young, aspiring consultancy agency based on a long-standing partnership between two enthusiasts coming from different sides of a business, combined through a jointly passion for agile and lean methodologies, as well a belief that innovation is not only about numbers crunching and return on investment.

For five years we’ve been developing features, services, products, business models of different complexity levels as well as train and advise teams of all sizes to introduce a more lean, agile, smart and easy way of work. Our experience is based on different accomplished or ongoing projects in versatile roles at organizations such as MYHAMMER, UCANDO, CHARITÉ BERLIN, WER PFLEGT WIE, WEBTREKK and much more.

We believe that bringing up innovations and create something that people love is more than just following a strict and defined process.

Every situation requires a different approach. We love to watch our clients grow and act on their ambitions through a joint effort.

Creating, questioning, scrutinizing, prototyping, developing, failing, making, doing is our credo. We enjoy seeing a vision coming stepwise to life and we do not shy away from wicked problems and challenges. It’s all about progress, new experiences and connecting different dots so things start making sense.

Goal setting and goal orientation are the corner stones of our work. Having a clear vision where your product, service or team is heading to is the pulse of our doing. Coming from two different perspectives of the product development sector, we embrace a holistic view of processes and flows

Our work always starts with the why. We try to understand your current situation, problems and wishes. After a deep dive phase together we define purpose, vision and strategy.

We can work as as standalone team or even integrate us completely into your team, department or company. It can be just one workshop, one week or a complete project. We can flexibly adjust our workload to meet your expectations.

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